We provide opportunities to independent business consultant /domain expert, to become our business partner by focusing on their core business without worrying about the details involved in carrying the project because all functions of programmers, broad range of technical expertise, database management, system management, along with Client server application, PDA Mobile application,Sales Force Management, System Integration Management and Web hosting services are taken care of by us, you can join according your requirements.

Business Partner Application/Renewal Form

Premium Sales Support PartnerPremium Sales PartnerSales PartnerReferral Partner

Which DATAMAN Products/Services your are interested in and what is the market size (No. Of Potential Customer) in your area of operation?

Personal Information About Your Company

Web Site/SolutionYes
Financial MarketYes
Paper IndustryYes
Aahaar(Rice/Flour Mill)Yes
GPS Location TrackerYes
Secondary Sales TrackingYes
Government ServicesYes


Terms & Conditions.
DATAMAN request you to go through with terms & conditions properly before entering in to this agreement.

  • Applicants has fully understood the policies of the Company relating to the business association as per DATAMAN Business Partner Program' document has volunteered to submit that application and fees (if required) with the understanding that the fee is non refundable. Applicant shall comply with the terms & conditions therefore in letter & sprit.
  • The Company will stipulate the terms & conditions of partnership including the product, pricing, delivery schedule, sale promotion, payment terms and other commercial matters and these can be modified periodically at the discretion of the Company.
  • Acceptance of this application by the Company is based on the undertaking that the information furnished is true and correct and that the Company shall be entitled to terminate the relationship if the information furnished is found to be false and or untrue and the applicant is not fulfilling the contractual obligations.
  • The Company can reject this application without assigning any reasons and return the application fee (if any) to the applicant with no responsibility for consequential costs.
  • Applicant shall keep the company indemnified against all actions, claims or liabilities that may arise due to its action. Applicant shall undertake not to do anything that would prejudice the Company's business in any manner.
  • Applicant is not seeking any exclusivity rights including in terms of relationship, product, territory and pricing.
  • On acceptance of this application form, the Company will send the agreement for Signup. Applicant agrees to signup that agreement in duplicate and sends the same to the Company for Counter signing.
  • Applicant agrees that the company shall be incorporating such terms and conditions in the Agreement including those to protect its copyright and intellectual property, non-competition, suspension/termination of the relationship for branch of covenant warranties, representation and other commitments required as per the policies of the Company for the business association between applicant and the Company.
  • Applicant agrees to unconditionally and fully cooperate with Company to give effect to the business relationship on the terms & conditions to be stipulated by the Company including periodic reports inspection of the premises, documents and invoices.
  • Company will not give CREDIT facilities to the applicant.
  • Software license will be issued by Company only after getting confirm payment.
  • For Premium Partner Company requires a blank cheque made in favour of DATAMAN Computer Systems Pvt. for security reason.
  • Applicant shall not sell, support, deal in or endorse any competing software, shall not copy, sell, distribute unregistered versions of any DATAMAN product.
  • All disputes with the Company shall be subject to the jurisdictions of KANPUR.
  • The renewal of this association is subject to the Applicant's submitting information in the prescribed form of the company along with requisite renewal fees (if required) applicable at that time.
  • The Company Shall has the sole discretion to renew the association with or without modifications.