Our Professional work passionately and with love to every detail resulting in this community of delighted clients. The proactive approach, combined with the above technical skills, allowed us to work with leading companies across multiple geographies with a diversified spectrum of industry verticals like hospitality, healthcare, insurance, financials, logistics, supply chain and governmental to name a few.Escalating since 27 years Dataman has established itself over the last 2 decades as one of the leading tech talent capitals in India

Scalability, Reliability, Quality and Availability !

Your IT leadership peers want access to the best talent available who can self-organise, deliver quality, build trust within their organisation and in the end, with guidance from their business and product owners, deliver in an autonomous manner. Managing spiralling costs in making this all happen is a fundamental consideration which is implemented on them by their business too.

We strive to foster innovative services that will contribute substantially to our customers’ success. We provide consultative technical expertise and software development to companies at a fair and reasonable rate without sacrificing quality.

Our team is empowered to build trust at every step. We work closely with our clients to ensure all communications and business requirements are transparent and clearly addressed in a timely manner.

Our innovative passionate and result driven professionals make Dataman what it is today; providing innovative technology and exceptional service to customers all over the world.

Our highly performant team members possess vast expertise in IT consulting, business analysis, software engineering, quality assurance, digital and business intelligence.We deliver robust, scalable solutions with increased quality.


Our dedicated team of qualified technical engineers, developers and project managers will provide proactive services and deliver smart and tailored IT solutions to support your growth and optimize your business processes.
The dedicated team normally comprises of a Business Analyst(s), Project Manager(s), Scrum Master, Developers and Quality Assurance which is brought together as a formed team and is empowered to deal directly with the business stakeholders / product owner and liaise with them on the definition and grooming of the product backlog, sprint planning and subsequent releases. We offer seamless collabration bewteen our staff and our clients to ensure a successfull delievery of projects.
We are committed to providing the highest quality support and customer services through a collaborative client relationships. Our team of qualified experts deliver proactive services and professional advise to support your business plan.


Dedicated teams are put together with a number of elements considered. Project Managers, Developers and QA Analysts - all under one umbrella for your Project.

We combine our skills and expertise to find the right technical solution in line with your budget constraints.

The management of our team is carried out in close collaboration with our clients, with clients heavily involved in identifying and meeting the most suitable team members put forward for their requirements enabling seamless collaboration between our staff and clients for the smooth escalation of projects.

Once the equations are complete team is in place and have understood the clients business and mission along with the timescales and requirements, we then look to define the metrics involved, with future reporting to mark the delivery within timelines without sacrificing quality standards.


Are you looking to extend your in-house development team with a trusted development partner who can provide high quality resource?
Do you find it difficult to attract and retain talent? or, are you like many other respected IT and business leaders considering a nearshore capability?
Do you have a project that you would like delivering by a trusted partner with a track record for delivering fit-for-purpose software on-time and on-budget?