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Since 1994

Dataman company has been providing professional PHP website development and other custom PHP programming services

PHP powers more than 70% of websites all over the world and it’s already proved itself as the most popular and widely used programming language for web development. PHP resources are fairly inexpensive compared to such alternatives like Python or ASP.NET, and at the same time this technology accompanied with modern front-end development creates a perfect mix for a responsive and feature-rich website and web application development. This language is used not just to create websites and web app, our developers also use PHP to integrate mobile apps and development of APIs for external services.

Through the years of working in custom software development industry Dataman team made itself a name of true experts in all aspects of offshore PHP development. We’ve created dozens of successful projects including large and sophisticated solutions with long-term collaboration. We do not just code with PHP, we also do MySQL development creating powerful databases.

We offer 100% quality offshore PHP development solutions based on bullet-proof and highly efficient process aimed at reducing your costs.

Providing full-cycle custom PHP development services we take care of every stage of the product delivery from initial research and business analysis to support and maintenance.

We master numerous technologies including popular open source CMS’s, PHP development frameworks, database management systems:

  • If you need a powerful website whether it is just a corporate one or an internet shop, we provide professional Drupal outsourcing services
  • Our WordPress outsourcing expertise will be helpful if you need a corporate website or a landing page for your application
  • We are true professionals in using CakePHP development framework, as well as Symfony, Zend and others
  • If you need an awesome online store, you might benefit from our Magento outsourcing expertise: we can do projects of any complexity

Not sure which technology you need? With Dataman, you don’t have to worry about that, and you don’t have to know if you need to outsource to us WordPress development, CakePHP development or you need Drupal outsourcing services. Our consultants will determine for you the best technology stack based on your project requirements.

Our PHP programmers have minimum 3 years of successful PHP web software development experience, that’s why they will handle any of your projects efficiently and deliver it on time. Having trusted your project to us, you will get the maximum dedication, easy communication process and as a result – an amazing product making your users happy. Whether it’s a PHP or Java software development, a project-based or a dedicated PHP development team, big or small project, we are always ready to provide the best IT minds and reasonable rates to make your business bloom.

Php Versions
  • PHP4.X
  • PHP5.X
  • PHP7.X
  • Laravel
  • Yii
  • CodeIgniter
  • MySQL 4.X
    MySQL 4.X
  • MySQL 5.X
    MySQL 5.X
  • MongoDB (NoSQL)
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
Web Services
  • SOAP
  • XML
  • JSON
  • AJAX

Our PHP development services

eCommerce PHP development

Dataman team provides excellent eCommerce PHP development services. Shopping carts, payment systems integration, conversion tracking and implementing B2C, B2B or E2E services online is what we work with on a daily basis. As our client, here is no need to worry about technicalities.

SaaS applications development

Businesses are clamoring for Software as a Service because it drastically cuts costs, boosts productivity and eliminates the need for major IT investments. As a SaaS provider, it’s critical you choose a PHP development company who can take it from step one and has experience with the entire development cycle. Dataman provides professional PHP cloud development creating cutting-edge solutions worldwide.

Backend and APIs development

We develop dynamic website backends using PHP. Thinking platform from the very beginning is an important strategic decision. Exposing an API and allowing third-party developers access to it is crucial to succeed in the market.

Enterprise software development

Our PHP developers are capable of creating custom-built ERPs, CRMs and workflow solutions with advanced functionality which will optimize your processes and facilitate your business

Software development for startups

We prototype and implement cutting edge ideas for technology startups worldwide. Just contact us for a consultation and we will tell you exactly what you need to give life to your idea.

Our Featured Work

Why us

Dedicated PHP Developers

If you are looking to outsource your PHP application development, you can rely on professional services offered by Dataman. If you hire PHP web developers at our offshore outsourcing company, we can cater to your specific needs.

Management and Communication

When you outsource your PHP project or hire PHP developers with Dataman, the communication is built the way that is convenient for you. There is a business analyst taking care of your account at no additional cost. Our excellent English skills facilitate easy interaction.


Non-disclosure Agreement to restrict access to confidential information to third parties. Confidentiality and Non-competition for each party to agree to threat the other party’s information as strictly confidential.

We are Economic

Outsourcing to Dataman saves your money. Our rates are at least 10% less expensive than some other IT outsourcing locations. We deliver projects at a fair and reasonable rate without sacrificing quality.

Intellectual Property Rights

When you hire dedicated PHP developers at Dataman all rights on the software developed by our belong exclusively to you.

Working hours & Time zones

Depending on where you are, we can adjust our working hours to make sure there is an overlap with your specific timezon

We transform ideas into tangible entities with meaningful application. Let us hear your idea and together we can build something new.

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