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Switch between Analysis, planning and modeling made easy..!

Business Intelligence Software

Reporting reimagined

Business Intelligence process is a powerful technology, and today there’s more of information available than ever to help secure your competitive edge. So how do you cut through to the choice data that’s of most use ? Whether internal or for clients. Since you’re here, you probably know that data visualization technology (dashboards with charts, maps and drilldowns) will modernize your reporting process.

Create beautiful dashboards

Bring out your artistic side and easily create beautiful dashboards that will engage your business users. Show off your brand by incorporating company logos, images and videos, or create a unique theme per dashboard. With limitless colors and charts styles to choose from, your imagination is your only limitation.

Business Intelligence Reporting
Business Intelligence Software

360 degree insight of your business

Monitor operations, sales and finance within organization with real time data reporting on powerful dashboard. With centralized metrics for financial and operational business, KPIs can be monitored and reported using key data points. Insights, notes, and narratives can be easily shared and meaningful decisions can be made with a macro business view on the customized dashboard.

Switch between Analysis, Planning and Modeling with our Business Intelligence Technology made easy..!

We help you analyze performance quickly and use the feedback for re-planning and re-forecasting. Transactional data can be visualized and tested with new assumptions and hypothesis to gauge their impact.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Interact with your data

Dashboards combines large data sets into a single repository with beautiful visualizations–all with no scripting. Explore your data sets, visualize trends and patterns, build professional dashboards and dig deep into your data using the most intuitive user interface in the market. Whatever your requirement is, Dataman provides you a unique experience when it comes to working with data.


No matter what size your company is, analyzing information and visualizing the right KPIs is now easier and faster than ever. Dataman provides you all the power and flexibility you need to visualize your data in the most professional way.

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