Resources to serve you better

Dataman is equipped with a world-class infrastructure that an IT company needs to maintain an international standard. The company has the resources to take up giant projects and the same can be completed meeting a strict deadline.
The company has a spacious office to house 150 professionals. The capacity can be extended as per the requirements of the projects and more manpower can be engaged. We have hi-tech security, multiple communication systems and power back-up facilities to ensure smooth functioning. The company possesses the latest means of communication for communicating with the clients. Internet connection from a reputed service provider facilitates uninterrupted connection with the clients from all over the world.
Data and Information is protected through cutting edge technologies like Firewall, Active-Directory group policies and selective network access. Backup system safeguards the loss of any important data. Multiple security procedures ensure complete integrity of all project records. The infrastructure at Dataman is backed up by a multi-pronged approach that safeguards the organization from any external infringement or internal exigency.

A team of IT Wizards

We are proud to have a workforce that leads the organization and its clients towards success. IT Solution is a complex process and knowledgeable IT wizards can only resolve it. It is indeed a matter of pride for us to have the most talented and creative professionals working in our team. Dataman has a strong foundation of intellectual capital and result-orientation. Our team is a strategic mix of professionals from technology, consulting, business management and client servicing domains. We include web designers, web developers, software developers content writers, graphic designers / visualizers, management professionals and network / connectivity solution providers.
The company is aware of the critical role played by the team members and takes all possible measures to maintain the efficiency of the workforce. Whether it’s a matter of innovation, strict deadline based delivery, or quality consciousness, the team at DATAMAN is committed to give hundred percent.